What is betterhelp?

Know everything about The world's largest therapy service. and get to know about How does betterhelp works?

Betterhelp is a mental health platform that provides a variety of services. It offers live chat support, video chat, phone call services and text-based conversations.

Type of therapy betterHelp is providing.

The type of therapy betterhelp provides is Cognitive Behavior Therapy or CBT..

How does betterHelp work?

Just answer a few questions about yourself to find an expert close by. Find the largest network of professional through  comprehensive database.

Is virtual therapy as effective as in person?

Yes, Teletherapy is proven to be just as effective as in-person sessions by the American Psychological Association.

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betterhelp provides therapy in four ways:Exchanging messages.  – Chatting live.  – Speaking over the phone.Video conferencing.

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How long can BetterHelp help you?

Some people believe that it takes about a few weeks to really see and feel the benefits. It's entirely up to you

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How much does BetterHelp cost?

Betterhelp costs $7 per month which is cheaper than many other online writing services.

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San Francisco General Hospital concluded that All patients who used BetterHelp reported less severe depression symptoms after making contact with the online platform.

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Betterhelp’s chatbot provides some information about the product and its features.