Maths Numbers from 1 to 9 worksheet with solution- Class 1 FLN based.

Class 1 chapter 2 Number from 1 to 9 worksheet with solution based on FLN.

  • These are the main objectives of Numbers from 1 to 9 worksheet.
  • Establishes one-to-one correspondence between objects. and compares one collection with the other (concrete and pictorial).
  • Recites number names in standard order (1-9). and pairs one number name with only one object.
  • Uses cardinality in counting (concrete, pictorial), compares numbers up to 9. 
  • Uses ordinality in counting (concrete, pictorial). uses number count as independent of object arrangement (number conservation). 
  • Identifies and writes numbers (1-9).
  • Matches objects with correct number (1-9). and creates groups corresponding to a given number (concrete, pictorial).
  • Determines if one group has more / less/ same items as the other. creates groups with equal number of items (1- 9) (numerically and pictorially).
  • Completes number sequences by counting forward and backward (1-9).
  • Sequences up to three numbers (1-9) in increasing or decreasing order (concrete and pictorial.
  • Application of knowledge in daily life situations.
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  • Understanding the basic concepts.
  • Can follow simple instructions and directions.
  • Can understand the basic concepts of numerals (1-9).
  • Forming numbers correctly.
  • Can write the number 1-9 with proper fluency and form the numbers correctly.
  • Application of knowledge.
  • Can apply the knowledge of number in counting of things.

Teaching Learning Outcome ( TLO)

Children will be Able to -recognize the numerals.

they will write the numerals after understanding the basic concept. 

numbers from 1 to 9 worksheet will help to count the objects.

this worksheet for numbers 1-9 will help to teach the correct pronunciation of numerals as well as how tp use them for operation.

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