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Masters in educational psychology

What is Psychology?

Hi, Planning for masters in psychology? then you’re at the right blog. 

Psychology is the scientific study of mind and behaviour. And it’s is a very broad discipline. While we ask questions that you might associate with Biology. such as how the brain works? we also ask questions that stretch into society such as: how do people behave in groups?

Major areas of Psychology.

 Mental health, child development, visual perception, animal learning, job recruitment, peer pressure, work stress, language development, and user interface design are just some of many areas that would fall within psychology.


Misconceptions between Psychology and Psychoanalysis

It is quite common for people to think of Sigmund Freud or psychoanalysis. when they hear of psychology. however, psychoanalysis is only a very small part, of one slice, of what makes up psychology as a whole. People also sometimes think that psychologists can look into your soul and analyse your deepest secrets. While in psychology, we try to understand how the mind works. and of course we aren’t mind readers. It is also important to point out that psychology and psychotherapy are not the same thing.


Why Study Psychology?

While some psychologists go on to become therapists or counsellors, most won’t. if you are curious about what makes people tick. how our senses work, what determines whether we remember or forget someone’s name, why some stuff is easier to learn than other stuff, whether people are more intelligent than animals, how and what babies learn from their caregivers, what we can do to tackle prejudice and stereotypes. In short, if you are curious about how the mind works, then psychology is for you.


Jobs Opportunity.

psychology offers a number of psychology specific professions to go into. Depending on your interests you may want to go on to become a clinical psychologist, forensic psychologists, health psychologist, occupational psychologist, sports, neuro or educational psychologist, counsellor, researcher or academic. It’s important to check that your degree is accredited by a affiliated university.



College Life and Placement procedure.

In University you will spend your first two years learning about research, design and statistics. For example- cognition, perception, animal behaviour, development, neuroscience, social psychology and abnormal psychology. most emphasis on practical learning so you will conduct, analyse, and write up your own research throughout the course. 

If you are on the degree with professional placement. you will go on a placement in your third year before returning to your final year. most universities offer placements covering all areas of psychology and opportunities both in the country and abroad. In the final year you can choose modules depending on your interests. These currently include the following. In addition to studying a selection of modules you will also conduct your own final year research project. hope you have understood now. what and why masters in educational psychology.

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