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KVS Multi Disciplinary Projects – Get Readymade Activities PPT For III- V


KVS Multi-Disciplinary Projects For class III-V. GET SUGGESTED LIST OF MULTI-DISCIPLINARY PROJECTS FOR III- V. We have designed and planned activities and here you can get free PPT of the Disciplinary Project. and you can assign these projects to the children with ease. KVS is known for its aggressive, Bold, and Fast actions. and  National Policy 2020 has introduced these Multi-Disciplinary projects from grades 3 to 5. these projects are going to be interrelated to each other subjects which students are studying at school. These projects contain 20 marks and students will be asked to update and add more important aspects to the Project. so, it will enhance their critical as well as creative thinking. are going to be the part not only of KVS but also For all the schools.

Class iii to v suggested a list of multidisciplinary projects (2021-22). The Assessment structure has been proposed according to NEP 2020.     

Download Multidisciplinary project for class III- V –  Link 

Download Readymade class 5 EVS  multi Disciplinary projects  – LINK 
Get Readymade class 5 Maths multi Disciplinary Projects-  LINK 
Class 3 Maths Multi Disciplinary project – Link  
Class 3 EVS Multi Disciplinary project Link                               
Class 3 English Multi Disciplinary project- Link
Class 3 Hindi Multi Disciplinary project- Link
Class 4 all subjects Multi Disciplinary project- Link
MDP created by students sample- Link 

This post is helpful for teachers as well as Students for preparing Multi-Disciplinary Projects. the above pdf and ppt are going to help you to think differently. So that you can get an idea of how and what kind of questions they are going to form on  MULTI-DISCIPLINARY PROJECTS.

This pdf will help you to understand what type of questions should be asked to children. For other subjects like Hindi and English, it is suggested to give according to the current chapter which also can relate to the other subjects. So multidisciplinary project would be easy to make.

Class 2- Maths Lesson Plan All Chapters        LINK English Worksheets All Chapters        LINK Maths Worksheets All Chapters         LINK Hindi Worksheets All Chapters          LINK Hindi Lesson Plan All Chapters        LINK Class 5 EVS Worksheets- LINK
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