IGNOU MPCE 024 practical file based on New Guidelines- MAPC II year.

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This MPCE 024 Practical file is based on the latest guidelines of IGNOU. these MAPC MPCE 024 Topics will be as:-


  • Title: Big Five Personality Test
  • Aims/ Objectives:      To understand the most important personality characteristics of a person and the roles that suit him the best.

I am the life of party.    
I feel little concern for others.    
I am always prepared.    
I get stressed easily.    
I have a rich vocabulary.    
I don’t talk a lot.    
I am interested in people.    
I leave my belonging around.    
I am relaxed most of the time.    
I have difficulty understanding abstract idea.    
I feel comfortable around people.    
I insult people.    
I pay attention to details.    
I worry about things.    
I have a vivid imagination.    
I keep in the background.    
I sympathize with others feeling.    
I make a mess of things.    
I seldom feel blue.    
I am not interested in abstract ideas.    
I start conversations.    
I am not interested in other people’s problems.    
I get chores done right away.    
I am easily disturbed.    
I have excellent ideas.    
I have little to say.    
I have a soft heart.    


  • Title: Mobile /Internet Addiction
  • Aims / Objectives: The aim of an experiment is to know “what prevention measures can be adopted by the caregiver, research and status of mobile/ internet addiction.”

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  • Title: Key changes in DSM-5
  • Aims / Objectives: Aim to know the key changes in DSM-5 through online and offline resources and the highlight Changes from DSM-IV-TR to DSM-5.


  • Title: Case History
  • Aims / Objectives: To record the information of the case history who faced any psychological problems during the present COVID crisis..


  • Title: Hypothetical case of Tanveer
  • Aims / Objectives: Counseling and Guidance to Tanveer.
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This course MAPC is designed to provide the students with a strong foundation in the use of statistics and research methods for understanding human behavior. It is especially relevant for those who are interested in careers in marketing, management, human resources, or public administration.

IGNOU MPCE 024 Practical file for counseling Psychology is a short course that will help you understand how to use statistics and research methods to understand human behavior. It is especially relevant if you are interested in careers in Counselling, marketing, management, human resources, or public administration.

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