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Class 7 Maths Lesson Plan- Step by Step Guide of Learning the Lessons.

This is a step-by-step guide to learning the lessons in class 7 mathematics. It will help students to learn the lessons easily and effectively.

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S.NoCHAPTERSub- TopicLesson Plan Link
1Integers1.2 Recall
1.3 Properties
1.4 Multiplication
1.5 Division
Lesson Plan
2Fractions and Decimals2.1 Introduction
2.2 Fractions?
2.3 Multiplication
2.4 Division
2.5 Decimal No.
2.6 Division of DN
Lesson Plan
3Data Handling3.1 Data Handling
3.2 Collecting Data
3.3 Organisation
of Data
3.4 Arithmetic Mean
3.5 Mode
3.6 Median
Lesson Plan
4Simple Equations4.1 What Equation is?
4.2 Applications
Lesson Plan
5Lines and Angles5.1 Lines and Angles
5.2 Related Angles
5.3 Pairs of Lines
Lesson Plan
6The Triangle and its Properties6.1 Triangles
6.2 Medians
6.4 Exterior Angle
Lesson Plan
7Congruence of Triangles7.1 Introduction
7.2 Congruence
7.3 Line Segments
Lesson Plan
8Comparing Quantities8.1 Introduction
8.2 Equivalent Ratios
8.3 Percentage
8.4 Use of Percentage
8.5 Simple Interest
Lesson Plan
9Rational Numbers9.1 Introduction
9.2 Comparison
9.3 Operations
Lesson Plan
10Practical Geometry10.1 Introduction
10.2 Construction
Lesson Plan
11Perimeter and Area11.1 Area & Perimeter
11.2 Squares
11.3 Parallelogram
11.4 Triangle
11.5 Circles
11.6 Conversion
11.7 Applications
Lesson Plan
12Algebraic Expressions12.1 Introduction
12.2 Monomials
12.3 Binomials
Lesson Plan
13Exponents and Powers13.1 Introduction
13.2 Exponents
Lesson Plan
14Symmetry14.1 Introduction
14.2 Lines
14.3  Symmetry
Lesson Plan
15Visualising Solid Shapes15.1 Plane Figures
15.2 Faces, Edges
15.3 3-D Shapes
Lesson Plan