Who Will Do This Work? Class 5 Worksheet with solution

1-    Write ‘T’ for True and ‘F’ for False statements.


People of one community have to do cleaning work.



Even guests had to clean their toilets in Gandhiji’s Ashram. 



Gandhiji used to clean toilets in Wardha. 



Gandhiji said that everyone should not do cleaning work. 



Gandhiji fought against untouchability. 



The Indian Constitution was prepared under the leadership of Baba Saheb 





All works are equal and respectful. 



Gandhiji is favourite bhajan ‘Vaishnav jan’ is in Gujarati.



Dignity of labour means considering every work respectful.



Discrimination on the basis of caste is not practised in India now. 


2-    Complete the following passage with the help of words given in the box.                                                                                        dirty, clean, benefit, untouchables, someone else, convinced, Gandhiji, cleaning, village people, lesson, skill, argueNarayan knew that the people who usually did this work were thought to be…………… He asked, “What is the use if the …………… do not change their thinking? They have become used to …………… doing this work for them.”Gandhiji replied “Why?  Don’t you think the people who clean also …………… from it. They also learn a …………… . To learn something is like learning a new …………… . Even if it is a …………… job.”Little Narayan was not …………… . He again argued, “Those who make a place …………… but do not …………… it should also learn lessons.” Gandhiji and Narayan continued to …………… about this. But when he grew up Narayan always followed the path shown by …………… .

3-    Answer in one word or one sentence.

  Que- Why do people do different kinds of jobs?


    Que- Write any two jobs that people would not like to do.     


(iii)    ‘Every person should do every kind of work’. Who said these words?_____________________________

4- Answer the following questions briefly.

In olden times, did children have to do the same work as their fathers and grandfathers did? Is it the same nowadays?______________________________________

Who are untouchables? Does untouchability still exist in India?______________________________________

Why some people, despite being educated, still have to do cleaning jobs?


How are people (who normally do cleaning) treated if they deny to do cleaning work?___________________________________

  4- Answer the following questions based on Gandhiji’s work against untouchability.

What was the name of Gandhiji’s Ashram at Ahmedabad?___________________________________

Who was Narayan? What was his job in the Ashram?________________________________________

 Who did the cleaning work in Gandhiji’s Ashram?_______________________________________

 How was cleaning work done in those days? _____________________________________________\

5-   Answer the following questions based on Bhim Rao Baba Saheb Ambedkar.

What incident of untouchability took place with him in Goregaon when he was young?


What did he become famous for?


6- Write a short note on ‘Swachh Bharat Abhiyan‘ – a campaign initiated by our Prime Minister, Mr Narendra Modi.


7-  Have you seen such scenes around you?




Have you ever thought of people who do this work? 


What is our responsibility to keep the place clean?


Why do you think people need to do this kind of work?


8- See the given picture and answer the following.




What are the different kinds of work being done in this drawing? List any five of these.


If you were asked to do any five jobs shown in this picture, which would you choose? Why?


 Which five jobs would you not choose? Why?


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