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What is Sense?

Sense is an interaction between a stimulus and a response. For example- Have you ever touched a hot vessel? what happens then? [Grade 5 Science worksheets pdf all chapters.]

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Do you know the different types of senses?

They are sight, hearing, Touch, Taste and smell. Do you know that animals have stronger senses than us?

For example- Have you seen a dog shoot up the ears when you walk past it? and Why do ants move in a straight line.

How the eagle could see from hundreds of meters height. because Eagles, vultures can see four times further than we can. if you can see after two meters away. then they can see up to eight meters.

Why does the dog shoot up its ears when you walk past it?

The dogs hearing is very sharp therefore, it can hear you even if he is sleeping so for a dog hearing is its super sense.

What about the mosquito? how could the mosquitoes find you? sometimes it manages to sneak into your blanket – how does it know you are there?

A mosquito can smell you from a distance. Indeed, they can find you by the smell of your body, the soles of your feet So, for a mosquito smell is its super sense.

Now we shall learn about few more animals and the super senses they possess.

why do you think animals need super senses? that is because they need super senses for different reasons such as- to get food, to protect themselves from predators and to mark their territories.

let’s look at other animals individually and see which cool super sense they possess.

why do ants need the super sense of smell?

they need it in order to recognize ants from their colony and to smell the trail left by other ants and to find their way to food.

why do dogs need the super sense of smell?

They need it in order to warn off intruders and sniff out their territories.

Langurs give off a high-pitched warning call. and it is to warn all animals in the vicinity the presence of a predator. All other animals understand this warning call and run away. thus, this is the super sense of the Langur and it helps the animals helps them to keep away from predators.

One of the best example of Super Senses is that-

Animals start behaving differently when an earthquake or storm is approaching. this helps them to save their lives and the lives of the people and animals who are near them.

Did you know that dolphins make different sounds?

They do that to send messages to each other. this is their form of communication.

Can you sleep for 18 hours a day? well, the slots do exactly. It sleeps for 18 hours and stays awake only for 6 hours this is a super sense which helps them adjust to the surroundings.

Animals have adapted to the conditions they live in. for example- the colour as seen by different animals is different.

Animals which are awake during the daytime can see some colours.

Animals which are awake at night see things in black and white.

Let’s have a look at the tiger which has many super senses. a tiger can see six times better than humans at night, a tiger’s whiskers are very very sensitive. they can sense the vibrations in the air and help the tiger to find its prey even in the dark.

A tiger’s hearing sense is so sharp that it can distinguish between the rustling of grass and the movement of an animal in grass. also the ears of the tiger can move in all directions which helps it to pick up sound from all sides.

Tigers can make different sounds for different purposes. when it is angry, when it is calling out to the tigress, its roar can be heard from a distance of three kilometres. Every tiger has its own area and this area can be several kilometres. Tigers mark their area with urine. A tiger will at once come to know if there is another tiger in its area. A tiger will never enter another Tigers area. a tiger is one of the most alert animals. But today, these Tigers are in danger they have been killed by hunters and now only a few thousands are left.

Did you know that?

 Many animals are being killed today. elephants for their tusks, rhinoceros for its horns, a musk deer for the scent that can be obtained from its musk. Tigers, crocodiles, snakes for their skin.

Today these animals need their super senses for protection from human beings. Those who kill these animals are called Hunters or Poachers. [Grade 5 Science worksheets pdf all chapters.]

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